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An exciting and innovative fashion movement is happening around the world. Designers are working together with talented local artisans to create timeless, elegant clothing and accessories in a way that takes into consideration the impact on environment and artisans livelihood.

These socially responsible entrepreneurs are returning a sense of purpose to the lives of the local indigenous people as competition from manufactured products and imitations from countries like China have caused economic hardships for the local artists. Our products are not mass produced; they are created using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation.

These collaborative relationships are based on trust, dignity and respect while at the same time saving the traditions of Mexico. Tourism and foreign interest play an integral part in keeping these traditions alive. Every product on this site is made by local indigenous craftsmen and sourced entirely from Mexico.

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High Latitude Style is an award winning Alaska based fashion blog with science bits for woman in midlife.

And they covered in December one of our products, The Stella Mini Tote and you can find the article here if you want to take a look.

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fashion maniac article november

Fashion Maniac, a trend, fashion photography website made an article about what Boutique Mexico is about and showcased some of our products. You can see the article here

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Living Out Loud – LA is a media outlet based in Los Angeles, covering everything from entertainment and sports to culture and lifestyle, through exclusive interviews.
In December first they wrote this article about Boutique Mexico and one of their favorite prodcuts, The Coco Pouch.

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ecophiles boutiquemexico bimi is a platform that drives the emerging movement of conscious travel and living into the mainstream with accessible and informative stories.
In a recent article published in December 6th they showcased 15 awesome eco-friendly gifts for this holiday season and some of them are our products!, so if you are interested check the article here


Kim Kardashian is a famous model, actress, entrepreneur, socialite and star of the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

She really appreciates fashion and this time she chose the Large Vintage Burlap Pouch of the slow fashion designer Dutzi, because it is comfortable, stylish and great to use throughout the day.

Dutzi has always tried to give back to the community, empowering local people to have a better way of living.

Kim Kardashian Dutzi Burlap Pouch


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Boutique Mexico

Discover talented local designers working with local indigenous communities of Southern Mexico to create contemporary clothing, accessories and gifts that are authentic and original.


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