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Jennifer Olson

Boutique Mexico celebrates the native crafts of Mexico and the artists that produce them, enabling them and their communities to rise above poverty and achieve economic stability. We establish equable collaborative partnerships with our artisans who are fairly paid and whose opinions matter as members of the team. Boutique Mexico is dedicated to creating products of superior quality and modern design.

In the Beginning

Boutique Mexico founder Jennifer Olson is bicultural (American/Mexican). She grew up in a small town called Torreon, Mexico, attended high school and college in the United States then returned to Mexico to live. A veteran traveler drawn to native cultures, Jenn continually met artisans producing exceptional work yet these people were barely able to feed their families. They had no knowledge of marketing and no access to global markets. Jenn created Boutique Mexico to showcase the work of these artisans.


Boutique Mexico today has mutually beneficial partnerships with artisans in Guerrero, Hidalgo, Puebla, Chiapas, and Oaxaca guided by the principals of fair trade. With business savvy and an eye for color and form, Jenn gives each craft the specific showcase or stylish application it needs to shine in today’s market. Artisans prosper, traditions are preserved, and the world at large is given access to native treasures it might never have seen.

We contribute to La Escuelita de Sonia School for needy children in the city where we live. This school offers undocumented children the opportunity to go to school and receive a free education. We are very proud of our partnership with “Escuelita”. They are making a huge difference in the community.

We believe in across the board prosperity as a result of mutual respect and cooperation; we believe in sustainability, in doing good and in being grateful.

All Boutique Mexico products are 100% artisan-made which means each is an original work of art.

Member of Alliance for Artisan Enterprise.

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Boutique Mexico

Discover talented native designers working with the indigenous communities of Southern Mexico to create a line of contemporary, artisan-made clothing, accessories and gifts.


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