Casa Adelita, Traditional Mexican Confectionery

Casa Adelita, Traditional Mexican Confectionery

Casa Adelita Gourmet has been creating and expanding on traditional and iconic Mexican candies since 1810.

From generation to generation, the recipes have been passed down between women of the family who have maintained the brand as a gourmet brand with 100% natural ingredients and no preservatives.

Unlike others, Casa Adelita is true to image, developing tastes that have proven to past the age of time while maintaining the vision of providing nutritious treats through familiar recipes encouraging pride and sustainability.

These proudly gourmet treats infuse the plentiful flavors of natural Mexican fruits, milks, chocolate and spices using Spanish technology brought to Mexico. The fusion of indigenous culture and Spanish practices has allowed the delicious candies to reach a wider distribution and thus to more people who appreciate the good work and delicious Mexican flavors.

With traditional recipes with a family twist, they create unique treats like: mango chutney, jams and honey, palanquetas, guava and tamarind rolls, cocada, chocolates and more! Casa Adelita, Mexican candy

They also create a variety of amaranth bars, now proven to have a high nutritional benefit, ranging from chocolate to raisins and peanuts, a great snack for any time of the day.

The experimentation with traditional Mexican flavors doesn’t end there, Casa Adelita also creates a fine chocolate made on a flat grinding stone called metate.

They also have a caramel made with goat milk known as goat cajeta. This rich and unique taste goes well with other deserts and spread on biscuits or toast bread.

Located in Cozumel, this original and proudly Mexican owned and operated company, Casa Adelita Gourmet incorporates the spirit of its vision by maintaining its productions through the dedication and love of family and local pride.

They keep the traditional craft of Mexican confectionery alive, following recipes yet adding a personal and flavorful touch using spices and other natural flavors as their trademark for others to enjoy.

With so many sweets being artificial these days, Casa Adelita stands out as a prominent figure in gourmet products. In Boutique Mexico you can find a Mexican Eggnog Set and a nice basket with a mix of the best Mexican candies to take back home to your family or friends, it will be the best souvenir!

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